Saturday, September 18, 2010

Families that embarrass the hell out of you

I couldn’t imagine giving Frank anything more horrible than seven doting sisters and a teacher for a mother. They must embarrass the hell out of him every day without intending to – just because they love him so much.

I embarrass my daughters terribly sometimes – especially in front of their friends. Mostly I feel bad when I do, as I don’t like to make them sad and awkward. Also, they get so cross with me that they punish me for days by not letting me pack their school lunches or make them breakfast.
The one thing that really gets them is if I chat to their friends. They can’t stand it. I’m supposed to be this invisible taxi driver and provider or funds – never seen or heard unless they give me a signal.
But sometimes I rebel at their disregard for me and I make a point of yelling, “Hello, hello,” out of the car window to their classmates when I pick them up from school. When we drive off I shout and wave and grin like a mad person to everyone. Even to people I don’t know.
My daughters get furious and say, “Stop waving at these people you don’t even know. They think you’re a crazy person.”  But I keep on waving because it makes me smile inside.
I know one day it’s going to backfire and my daughters will have their revenge.
In the mornings when I take them to school, I wear my pyjamas and slippers.
I see myself running out of petrol or getting stopped by the cops and getting hauled out onto the streets in my sleepwear. My daughters will die laughing at me when this happens!

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